How to use Hair Springs
It really shouldn’t be this easy, but, it is!
1. Gently grasp each end of the Hair Spring and pull slightly.
2. Set the Hair Spring in your hair and release the ends.
3. To remove a Hair Spring, gently grasp the ends, pull slightly and LIFT
the Hair Spring out of your hair.
4. That’s it! 

Things you should know about your Hair
1. It’s normal for the center coils to loosen up after you’ve used a Hair
Spring, they will still work and look great.
2. Like any spring, it is possible to pull too hard, I would avoid doing
that. I would also avoid trying to smash two together, my kids
learned that the hard way and we had some Hair Spring casualties.
3. As long you are stay away from crazy wind storms and you don’t
chase tornados, you really shouldn’t have trouble getting a Hair
Spring out of your hair and if you’re doing those things, you probably
have other things to worry about.  =)
4. If you do have trouble removing a Hair Spring, you may need to pull
the ends slightly and slide the Hair Springs down the length of the
hair.  It’s a good idea to make sure the hair is smooth and free of
tangles, too.
5. If you start with smooth, tangle-free hair when you put the Hair
Springs in, you will have an easier time removing the Hair Spring
later on.
6. More questions?  Please contact us by clicking here.