Create Your Own Collection is your
opportunity to customize your own set of
six Glass Pearl Hair Springs.

Choose any 6 springs in any combination of colors for just $7.20. Identify which 6 colors you want using the codes below. For example, 2 O, W, 2 L, F would give you 2 Onyz, 1 White, 2 Lilac and 1 Fuchsia.
List which 6 colors you want
Available Colors:
Copper (CP)
Honey (H)
Cream (CR)
White (W)
Lilac (L)
Jade (J)
Emerald (not shown) (E)
Onyx (O)
Dark Teal (DT)
Midnight (M)
Violet (V)
Purple (P)
Fuchsia (F)
Carnation (C)
Blossom (B)